Please answer the following questions to see if your product is eligible for assessment. Once you have submitted your answers, you will be informed immediately if your product meets our eligibility criteria.

Is your product available to the public and can you provide URL(s) to the app store location(s)?
Can you confirm that users are able to contact you or your organisation directly via the product, if required?
If your product uses any form of NHS Branding, can you confirm that you have permission from the Department of Health & Social Care and that it complies with NHS England’s Branding Guidelines?
If your product connects to any of the following services, can you confirm that an appropriate interoperability review and / or a technical review has taken place?
  • Electronic Referrals Service (eRS)
  • Electronic Transfer of Prescription Service (ETP)
  • GP2GP
  • GP Connect
  • GPSoC Connection to Primary Care Systems (EMIS, Microtest, TPP, VISION)
  • Health and Social Care Network
  • NHS Mail
  • NHS Pathways
  • Spine
  • Summary Care Records
If your product is a medical device as defined within the Medical Device Directive can you provide evidence of: registration with MHRA and self-declaration of conformity, a post market surveillance plan, and a CE certificate from a notified body (class 11a or above)?
If your product constitutes a pharmacy service that requires registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council, can you provide evidence confirming registration?
If your product forms part of a service that requires registered healthcare professionals to operate, can you confirm their registration status and names?
Can you provide a guest login for your product so that assessors can access and evaluate it?
Can you confirm that your organisation is registered as one of the following?
  • Charitable Organisation
  • Community Interest Company
  • Company Limited By Guarantee
  • Industrial and Provident Society (Ips)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (Llp)
  • Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd)
  • Public Body
  • Public Limited Company (Plc)
  • Royal Charter
  • Unlimited Company (Unltd)
Can you confirm your organisation is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if it carries out, or proposes to carry out, any regulated activities in England which require such registration?